Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Weak Program

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The Strength and Weakness of the Strong Program
The strong program is a particular kind of sociology science that was developed by Barry Barnes and David Bloor to describe science as it allows the explanation of scientific beliefs with similar description. The concept originated from Edinburgh school in the mid-1970s where it was used as a reaction against earlier theories which were considered weak. In most cases, failed theories are usually explained by mentioning the biases that were overlooked by the researchers; therefore, sociology would be only marginally relevant to successful theories that reveal a true fact of nature. A strong program accommodates theories that are either considered true or false and treat them equally;
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By analyzing these components, the weakness and the strength of the program can be easily determined. Additionally, each component has its own weakness and strengths; therefore, the same component may provide a weakness while at the same time act as strength for the strong program.
Under the causality component, every situation is provided with an explanation that describes the cause of the results. Here, the component observes the psychological and conditions under which the theory is applied to give an explanation that matches with the cause. In this case, the weakness may be raised in instances where the theory under scrutiny does not provide a clear cause-effect relationship. On the hand, the strength of the theory will be supported by normal cases where the explanation of the result marches clearly with the cause.
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In other words, the success and the failure of the belief are accommodated in the same explanation leading to harmonized description of scientific theories. This is opposed to weaker programs that offered explanation for either successful or unsuccessful claims leading parallel explanation of related but opposing ideas. This component strengthens the program by accommodating the use of similar explanation for two opposing ideas. However, the weakness of the program is clearly apparent in unique cases where the same explanation is not applicable.
Unlike other weaker programs, the strong program can be used to explain itself. The same principles that are used in explaining other theories can be self-administered to give the same results. This is unique to the program since the principles in other programs are used in other theories apart from the theories themselves. Under this component, the strong program can be either weak or strong depending on whether the idea is applicable or not.
The Strength of the

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