Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Healthcare System

The healthcare system in the United States can be very simple to some and mind-boggling to others. It is constantly changing and sometimes hard to keep us with. Having a clearer understanding of how the healthcare system works can help solve some questions that one may have. Being able to know what works in the healthcare system, what’s work historically, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the system are, will be the key points to this paper.
The United States of America is the only country in the world that doesn’t offer universal health care to its population. It has been recently made into a law that every American must have health care coverage through their employers, through the government, or private insurers; and if a person doesn’t have health care coverage they will be fined. This doesn’t help the people who are living in poverty and do not have enough money to pay for health care coverage. As the cost of living
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They are designed to help different groups of people in the United States. They range from people who are employed to those who are unemployed or veterans. With all of these types of health care subsystems, it helps people get the care that they need from physicians or nurse practitioners and even dentist. Without the subsystems, there would be much more illnesses due to no insurance and high inability to pay for the health care services provided. A weakness of the health care system is that there a factors that come with having insurance which may cause one not to receive all of the care that is needed in order for them to become well. Examples include: is the provider in network, high deductibles, and more. Having insurance is one thing but having enough insurance coverage is another. People can become sicker by not having the proper care which causes more problems that can eventually lead to

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