Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Future Essay

754 Words Oct 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Looking into the future can be a daunting process. Trying to decide which major fits one best and what career he will enjoy may be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, over time people will have a deeper understanding for who they are and what they want to do with their life. Additionally, there are many resources out there willing to help people determine where to take their life. These resources range in variety from people to online tests. Recently, I was given the opportunity to take an online test called Strengths Quest which pinpointed my top 5 strengths. By examining these strengths, it has given me a better understanding of my major choice and where I want to take my life. To begin, Strengths Quest didn’t have an impact on my choice of classes for next semester. At this current point in time, I am set on a double major in management and computer science. Next semester I plan on taking some business and computer science courses such as microeconomics and CSCI 235, along with some general education courses. That being said, Strengths Quest did help me reframe my future goals in my intended career. My top 5 strengths were competition, includer, relator, developer, and analytical. By diving in and evaluating each one of these strengths, it helped reinforce my future goals. That is, it helped define my goals such as creating some software or application that helps people. Three of my five strengths came from the relationship building category. This opened my eyes that…

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