Strengths and Weaknesses of the Digital Planning Process Essay examples

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Digital Marketing Planning - Task Three

To: Jane Smith, Marketing Director, Airmiles
From: Keiran Smith, Marketing Manager, Planning Solutions
Subject: Strengths and weaknesses of the digital planning process
Date: 23/11/10

Executive Summary

In today’s competitive landscape, Airmiles understands the value of customer service and how it impacts acquisition and retention activities. The digital planning process is key in their delivery of an enhanced online customer service provision. However the process is not without it’s weakness and there are a number of barriers to success which can be overcome with the right approach.


1. Introduction 2. Strengths and weaknesses of the digital
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• Changing technologies

Keeping up with the fast pace of changing technology can be a challenge. By the time techniques are researched and plans formulated, they may be ineffective. Marketers need to ensure they will continue to deliver an effective customer experience. (Gay, 2007)

3. Marketing implications of the audit for Airmiles

• Enhances Airmiles knowledge of the macro environment

An understanding of the environment in they are operating in, assists marketing to leverage opportunities to achieve success. For example marketing the increased value of loyalty programmes during the recession and emphasising green initiatives around online shopping.

• Focuses the company on competitor activity

An understanding of competitor activity within the digital marketing environment is essential to Airmiles success and helps them to develop their competitive advantage to win market share. Knowledge about competitors’ capabilities and performance, assists them to respond accordingly. (Chaffey, 2007)

• Awareness of legal issues

The audit also helps Airmiles to develop an understanding of the legal implications for their digital activities and incorrect application could impact the company’s reputation. Airmiles must ensure they are operating in within legal parameters and the process helps them to achieve this.

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