Essay on Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Client

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The framework that will be utilized for this case will be the strengths perspective which is a positive approach to empowering the client. The strengths perspective suggests that “all human being has the capacity for growth, change, and adaption, (Rogers, 2013. pp.49). Rogers adds, “all people regardless of the severity of their situation or problems, possess skills, capabilities, and strengths” (2013).The strength perspective utilized in social work means “examining clients’ skills, goals, talents, abilities and resources , as well a the strengths and resources found in their environments then, incorporating these strengths into the process of assessment and intervention (Rogers, 2013). This framework sees the “client as the expert on his or her life,” and the social worker as skilled in many arenas that will assist the client in achieving their destination (Birkenmaier, et. al. pp. 19). The strengths perspective is a “conscious effort to minimize the rigid boundaries of expertise between the social worker and client” (Birkenmaier, Berg-Weger, & Dewees 2014, pp. 19). The strengths perspective promotes the client and social worker working together in a collaborative effort in the change process. “Social workers begin where the client is, relying on the client’s interpretation of the situation and trusting the client to accurately state his or her needs and desires” regarding how they would like the changes to be made and what goals they are interested in achieving…

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