Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Church

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The church in America is a part of our culture and has been since the beginning. The mindset of our country is changing and this is where the followers of Christ come from. I remember a scandal from the Clinton administration. Hilary Clinton had worn a cross, and the debate was should a government leader, such as a first lady, wear a sign of faith in public. My position back then was if, for her, the cross was a sign of faith then she had a right to wear the symbol, like a Muslim woman should be able to wear her head scarf. I still believe if it was just a piece of jewelry for her, it would not be worth the fight. But for some, the cross can be just a pretty piece of jewelry. That is not the faith that saves. What happens to the church in America …show more content…
One is finding the balance of living in the culture without becoming a part of it. Many church members go to church on Sunday but do not carry any of the teaching into daily life during the week. That is a topic I have heard preached in different churches, and made fun of in fiction such as Terry Prachett’s Bad Omens. The other side is often a neglected topic. During the classroom time we had a debate about would it be better the church be supported or prosecuted. From the side that argued for prosecuted, I heard how faith-strengthening for individual it could be. The appeal of withdrawing completely, to cut off as many temptations, is how some cults start. However, followers of Christ hidden away cannot light the path for others, nor serve the poor.
Another weakness that faces the church is personalities within the organization. In Church History in Plain Language, Bruce Shelly pointed that John Wesley had found in Count Von Zinwindoft of the Moravian a leader bringing followers to himself, not to God. One of the criticisms I have heard of 12 stone church is that is it built on Pastor Kevin’s personality and with not survive him. While I don’t agree, I have wondered if new believers too closely associate faith with him. Pastor Kevin does point the way to God, but for new believers who have yet to experience God, he is very

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