Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Affordable Care Act

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What is the consensus of the affordable care act(Shui & Johnson, 2013)? Is health care a right or a privilege, could one earn it by eating healthy, exercise (Shui & Johnson, 2013)? In 2010, Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, that would allow all citizen to have access to health care no matter his or her race, gender, religious belief, and ethical values (, 2016). In this essay that author will review affordable Care Act, and present strengths, and weakness of the Affordable Care Act , and provided some suggestion on how to improve it.
Affordable Care Act There are many implementations that the Affordable Care Act has put into fruition, but the author will only touch on five implementations. The first implementation
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Some individual believe that the government should not force an individual to have insurance because under the patient right, they have a right to refuse medical care (, 2016). The first weakness of the Affordable Care Act is 21 states have opted out of expanding Medicaid because the individuals were too poor to qualify for help, but made too much to qualify for financial assistance (Williams, 2015). The second weakness of the Affordable Care Act is the health insurance companies still have the control of pricing insurance plans (Williams, 2015). The third weakness of the Affordable Care Act is some companies are decreasing their employee’s job from full-time status to part-time status so that then they are not obligated to pay for their health insurance (Roland, 2015). The fourth weakness of the Affordable Care act is if the individual does not purchase health insurance he or she will be penalized (Roland, 2015). The fifth, and final weakness is the Affordable Care Act is too complicated to enrolling causing delay on health care coverage (Roland, …show more content…
The first suggestion is to make health care safer by provider doing medication reconciliation at clinical visits, and preventing adverse medication event, in the United States, there have been 770,000 injuries, and death caused by adverse medication events (Hoo, et al., 2012). The second suggestion is to hire government worker to help enroll, and navigate the individual in choosing a health care plan that would benefit their needs (Pollack &Stolzfus, 2015). The third suggestion is to include the patient and their family members in the patient’s plan of care by helping the patient set goals (Hoo, et al., 2012). The fourth strategies is to improve communication between the health care provider, and their patients by allowing the patient to email their providers through the patient’s portal , and the provider using electronic medical records to communicate with the patient’s pharmacy, hospital, and even other clinical facilities, and even the patient (Hoo, et al., 2012). Finally offer the patient the latest evidence base practice to prevent, promote health, and keep chronic illness from flaring up (Hoo, et al.,

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