Essay about Strengths And Weaknesses Of Social Work

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The Strengths Perspective in Social Work
In social work practice the strengths perspective centers on the client’s abilities, talents and resources rather than their problems and deficits. The main objective of this approach is for the social worker to concentrate exclusively on identifying, drawing out and building on the clients’ strengths to assist them with their challenges and what there are trying to achieve. Although this perspective has been the focus for social work, other professionals can also utilize this practice to help their clients, employees and patients attain positive outcomes.
To best understand the theory of this practice, Saleebey explains it as “The strengths perspective demands a different way of looking at individuals, families and communities. All must be seen in the light of their capacities, talents, competencies, possibilities, visions, values and hope, however dashed and distorted these may have become through circumstance, oppression, and trauma”( Saleebey, 1996). Using one’s strengths to overcome whatever the situation at hand maybe has become an effective way for social workers to help their clients. Strength equates too positive, therefore instead of making the problem the primary focus it is relevant to concentrate on what positive attributes the client can access.
In social work, evaluation of human behavior determines the basis for understanding the problem and issues. Social workers rely on the information that the client shares in…

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