Strengths And Weaknesses Of Situation Ethics

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Register to read the introduction… Due to the introduction of contraception and the civil rights movement, people were warming to the fact of thinking for themselves especially considering that the Church’s rigid rules were becoming an issue to those who wanted to move forward with the social changes despite the Church refusing to change for society. SE allows a modern take on religion in the sense that it has Christian morals but isn’t so legalistic as Robinson stated it was for “man come of age” meaning it was for those moving ahead with the times. For example, if a criminal asked you if you were aware of his next victims whereabouts, a Christian would be honest as lying is a sin however someone using a SE approach would lie to protect that person as it would be the most loving thing for that person and would have the most positive result.

Adding on to the point of freedom, people were beginning to drift away from the Church due the introduction of the contraceptive pill giving more women freedom and power over their decisions. Also, the Vietnam war forced women to take on the roles of the men and become more independant. All these things lead to a lack of faith in Christianity as people were beginning to realise they don’t need set rules in order to make the right decisions as they have become familiar with relying on themselves which meant Situation Ethics was very convenient and accepted at the
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In Christianity it is believed that doing the most loving thing is what God intended, suggesting that SE is a religious theory. However, the theory goes against the teachings of the Bible. It can’t be a religious theory if its morals suggest rebellion against the words of God. Although it was made apparent when the theory was introduced that God was the ground of the theory.

In conclusion, I think the theory isn’t a religious ethic as the weakness are contradicting the important concepts of religion as SE suggests an acceptance for acts against the law and also allows people to use agape love as an ‘excuse’ for evil acts e.g. if someone assists a loved one in ending their life, someone following Situation Ethics would find this acceptable as the person is suffering however a religious person would disagree and state that any form of murder is wrong. For this reason I don’t think that SItuation Ethic is a religious ethic.

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