Strengths And Weaknesses Of Organizational Communication

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Identifying strengths and weaknesses are imperative for organizational growth and development. It is through experience and observation that organizations determine if weaknesses are prohibiting success. Identifying weaknesses is necessary for growth and success of the organization, however focusing on the strengths can be beneficial as well. The identification of strengths in an organization will help boost confidence and performance from employees while creating a positive work environment. This paper will analyze the organizational communication in the Office of Outreach Sponsored Programs department at the University of Oklahoma.
The University of Oklahoma located in Norman, Oklahoma is a public non-profit organization, founded in 1890
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52). They use face-to-face communication to establish trust and discuss sensitive issues that may require the use of a more personal approach to get their point across. An example of this would be their monthly face-to-face meetings held with departments to discuss difficult issues and provide technical assistance that cannot be done through electronic communication. This method of communication allows people to put names with faces while sharing thoughts and …show more content…
One communication weakness in this department is that employees are too reliant on the use of communication technology. Communication technology has affected their ability to build interpersonal relationships with each other and oftentimes creates conflicts or misunderstandings in the department. There some employees in the department that use electronic communication to communicate with the person sitting directly across from them to avoid unwanted conversations and interactions. In this case, a face-to-face conversation might be more appropriate because it would be a more personal approach to communicating with your co-workers. The use of electronic communication sometimes causes messages to misinterpreted or problems in the workplace that could have been avoided with a simple face-to-face

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