Strengths and Weaknesses of Neorealism, Neoliberalism and Constructivism

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Neorealism, Neoliberalism and Constructivism
Our world since its origination has been a ‘hotbed’ of activity. Activity in the sense, we humans have been showing activeness both mentally and physically, which have transformed our globe from an archaic one to an advanced one. That advancement is evident in every sphere of our life, as well as in the ‘sphere’, we live in. In addition, that advancement or development is seen in one of the important activities of the ‘sphere’, the activity of politics. With the advancement, humans spread out to new territories. In course of time that territories became cities, states, and eventually countries. Along with this evolution of humans and territories,
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Then, with optimal contribution from other scholars especially Alexander Wendt, who contributed a series of influential articles and a book, this theory gained prominence. The basic premise behind this theory is that, individuals’ behavior is mainly influenced by their identity, which is directly influenced by the society. So, according to this theory, all political and social institutions, including the countries, are socially constructed.
The main strength of this theory is that, it promotes formation of social identities as well as interaction, for a nation to develop. That is, instead of militarily equipping themselves on the basis of Neorealism, countries should identify their identities and interests, and thereby shape their interactions with other countries. This will lead to more harmonious relationship between the states as well as between the states and the multilateral organizations. “…states in an anarchic system may each possess military and other capabilities which can be seen as potentially threatening by other states; but enmity and arms races are not inevitable outcomes. Social interaction between states can also lead to more benign and friendly cultures of anarchy.” (Jackson and Sorensen, 2007). So, this theory will complement security as well as peace.

Weakness The weakness with this theory is that, social interaction may not work out positively all the

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