Rhetorical Speech Reflection Essay

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JT Myers

For my oratorical speech, I had multiple strengths and weaknesses throughout. One of the strengths for this speech was my writing abilities. I’m able to use formal language and good grammar in my work. I am also able to create a claim and points to talk about. I can make these in an order the is organized and makes sense. I also make sure to let people know what I’m talking about, which in the case of my oratorical speech, was optimism. But along with these strengths, I also have a multitude of weaknesses. One of these weaknesses was volume during my speech. I was not confidant giving my speech in front of a class and did not project my voice and ideas to the people I was meant to be talking to. The ways I could possible improve in this criteria is to make sure I practice the speech more
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Another weakness I had during my speech was the use facts, descriptions and details. I did not explode a personal moment to make the topic more personal to me. I also did not elaborate on the points and give more detail to them. One way could improve in this area the next time is to more thought and research into the topics I intend to cover in my speech. I also have a weakness of being redundant and not expressing my ideas precisely. I can improve to not be redundant to go over what I plan to say in my speech and making sure that I am not repeating myself and that I stay on topic. I can also improve in my ability to precisely express the ideas addressed in my speech by including better transitions into my next topic rather than using the “first” or “next” or “final”. One of my final weaknesses for this speech was that I read my speech instead of knowing what to say with just the help of a few notes. To improve in this area, I could write the main points and ideas that I would like to cover in may speech on an index card to help keep me on track. These are some of the areas that I either have a strength in or a weakness in and how I could perform differently

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