Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mcdonalds

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Register to read the introduction… The characteristic of the fast food is the faster speed of produce food. The faster the speed of produce the food will maximization the company’s efficiency and profit. The McDonald’s have a rules says that the customer will not line up excess 3 minute and must deliver to customers the food within 1 minute after they make the order. Nowadays, many people are busy on their work so that they only have a short time break for their lunch. To meet this situation, the McDonald’s must improve their services, they provide the delivery and Drive-Thru service. The delivery service means that the customers only need to call to their nearest McDonald’s branch and make an order, the workers of the McDonald’s will deliver the food to their office or home. The Drive-Thru service help much of the people who have not enough time to have a meal can enjoy their breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can help the people buy the McDonald’s fast food without get off the car and the people who use the Drive-Thru service, will receive their meal within 3 minute but in the other side, Marrybrown does not provide those service for the customers. About the service of the McDonald’s, they will provide the courses for training their staff and set up many rules in order to ensure they provide the best service for their …show more content…
As we know, the representative mark of McDonald’s is the capital M which is yellow in colour and the Ronald McDonald. Besides that, the design of every branch of the McDonald’s are unite, they use the color which can attract the people to paint their building and create their sign board. The strong corporate image help the McDonald’s increase their attraction of the product and save the cost of sales promotion.
Compare to the other competitors, the McDonald’s also have their weakness. The weakness of the McDonald’s is they are weak on development of new product. Develop new product is one of the most important activities of any business because every people in every country will have their different taste, so that to meet the needs of the customers, development of new product is necessary.
The other weakness of the McDonald’s is they are poor on connection with their local customers. There are different advertisement and promotion of the company that insults and caused negative image for the company. In China 2005, the company launched a television commercial that some of the Chinese viewers considered as offensive that shows Chinese man kneeling and begging for a discount from an electronics salesman who refuses due to the fact that his coupon has expired, then the ad said that people don’t have to beg in order to take advantage of the company’s promotion. Thus, the advertisement portrays that Chinese

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