Strengths And Weaknesses Of Juvenile Justice

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Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson, and Curtis Jackson III, better known for his stage name 50 Cent, all share something in common. Not only are they all successful millionaires and famous among the public, they were also juvenile delinquents (Hsu 2011). A juvenile delinquent is someone under the age of eighteen who participates in criminal acts. Although crime in the United States is a pressing issue, crime has begun to decline during the last two decades. Juvenile crime is included in that statistic and has declined considerably over the last few years (Latessa and Smith 2015). Although both juvenile and adult crime is lessening, juvenile crime is still a rising concern. The juvenile population makes up nineteen percent of our population in the United …show more content…
The juvenile justice system is no different. A positive attitude towards the juvenile justice system would include that with sentencing the young offender with the right punishment could help deter them from making any more criminal acts as they age. Although, this thought also brings along a flaw. A juvenile with a too hard or too little sentence could cause a negative effect. If the juvenile is sentenced too hard, they could face many mental disorders from the trauma experienced. This ultimately could result in their lack of operative ability in society. A juvenile being punished too lightly; however, could result in their reentry into the criminal justice system. A strength in the juvenile justice system is their privilege to probation. Like adults, juveniles who receive the opportunity to better themselves while under supervision could highly benefit their outcome. The juvenile will be able to attend school, get the appropriate therapy if needed, and will be able to see their loved ones all while working towards progressing into noncriminal ways. Alike adults, a con to probation is the temptation of being around people and things that could make it difficult to evolve and be rehabilitated. If a juvenile gets put on probation from a drug-related crime, being in the environment where it is easy for them to obtain drugs will have the wrong effect on the minor and will interrupt their

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