Strengths And Weaknesses Of Individual Intelligence

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This thirty question survey is about learning individual’s strengths and weaknesses of a student’ intelligence and their personal character(Chambers,n.d.). I feel this survey is a good way to help students adjust their personal life goals and priorities(Chambers,n.d.). This survey has taught me, I have problems with communication and dealing with social issues.

This survey has shown me, that I have problems with being able to communicate and not being able to deal with social issues(Chambers,n.d.). I always had problems with being able to speak and to write well throughout my life. This problem leads me to stay away from some jobs and social events.

My greatest strengths is being able to think logically and planning out future events (Chambers,n.d.).
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The way we speak and write say’s a lot about ourselves as individuals. Communication skills are even more important with today’s social media’s text talk world (Chambers,n.d.). That’s probably why most people my writing skills are not very good.

I will improve my writing skills by using the ten tips in the read section of this unit (Chambers,n.d.). I will use grammar and spell check to improve my ability to write essays(Chambers,n.d.). Then I will give my essay time to sit and read it out aloud with a fresh pair of eyes(Chambers,n.d.). It is also important for me to take time and to read things like books, magazines and newspaper articles to improve my vocabulary(Chambers,n.d.).

Finally, I will make references and in text citation at the end of my essay (Chambers,n.d.). This will give my essay credibility and give credit to the author of the research material (Chambers,n.d.). I hope by using these tips in the read section that my writing skills will improve over time(Chambers,n.d.). This will help me improve my speaking skills and maybe improve my social skills. That will lead me through this course and other courses which will give me the opportunity to graduate from this university. Finally, I will use this degree to find a much better job which greatly improve my life.
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This format gives students and writers the ability to follow and to write without fear of someone stealing their work. This makes this format very important in today’s multimedia world which most reading material can be accessed with any computer, laptop, ipad and cell phone. Specially, In public schools that are going mainly towards using computers instead of using books. This makes APA format even more important since it can be very hard for students to tell what is or is not credible source on the internet. Making a single set of guideline better than having to follow many sets of guideline when follow writer’s

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