Strengths And Weaknesses Of Health Yourself Essay

828 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Health Myself Innovations provides convenient, secure with no privacy risks communication between patients and physicians. The Health Myself Portal allows to reduce resource strain at healthcare clinic, such as the receptionist (gatekeeper) now has time for other tasks of the clinic rather taking numerous calls and scheduling appointments. Moreover, physicians and patients get opportunity to communicate their needs while not been restricted with time of appointment. Furthermore, TGHC software gave opportunity to create virtual patient groups such as diabetes patients, cancer patients and heavy smokers groups. The secure alternative of communication allows patients to e-mail doctors and healthcare staff, without booking appointment. The Health Myself Portal provided clinics with control over communication and supports efficient time usage of the staff. It will allow communicating faster with patients and sending messages through the private and secure group e-mailing lists. In addition, patients are able to get timely information from physicians such as lab results or drug prescription through the online communication tool on health Myself Portal. The user friendly and easy-to-use Portal makes Health Myself Innovations stand out from its competitors. Moreover, the user friendly Portal with convenient on-demand communication between patients and doctors is forming a unique value proposition. In addition, Health Myself Innovations are currently affiliated with Ryerson…

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