Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hassan And Piggy Essay

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Hassan and Piggy play crucial roles that majorly contribute to the the plot development, even though neither are the protagonist in the stories. Although Hassan and Piggy have different strengths and weaknesses, they have similarities in regards to the role they play in the plot of each story. It is evident that Hassan and Piggy are intelligent boys. Hassan easily solves riddles, and also points out the flawed logic in Amir’s first story. “‘Well,’ he said, ‘if I may ask. why did the man kill his wife? In fact, why did he ever have to feel sad to shed tears? Couldn’t he have just smelled an onion?’’ (34). Hassan’s ability to logically point out the flaw in Amir’s story shows his intelligence. Despite Hassan’s evident intelligence, Hassan’s different upbringing from Piggy’s proves as a disadvantage. Hassan never received the education Piggy most likely received as an English child, so he did not have the opportunity to reach his full academic potential. Because of his lack of a formal education, he does not have a large vocabulary. For example, Amir taunts him for not knowing what a word is while they are children. “One time, I was reading him a Mullah Nasruddin story and he stopped me. ‘What does that word mean?’ “Which one?’ ‘Imbecile.’” (28). He does not have a large vocabulary because he is illiterate and does not go to school. Instead, Hassan relies on Amir for…

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