Strengths And Weaknesses Of Groupon

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Register to read the introduction… strengths A company’s strengths are found within their own company and members. Depending on how well and to what extent a company uses its resources determines just what its strengths are. These strengths may be what they do better than other companies, what they do different from other companies, or what they offer in comparison to other companies.
A strength of having a swipe card is that it reduces the limitation on who can use the groupons. For example, there are many consumers who do not own smart phone or have access to a printer. In this scenario a Groupon subscriber would have access to their groupon without access to a smart phone or printer by simple swiping the card. The consumer will be more inclined to subscribe to Groupon because of this feature that the competitor does not offer. It will also save Groupon users time by not having to print the Groupon and will provide more security.
B. Weakness
A company’s weaknesses are also found within their own company and members. Weaknesses are found within a company based on what they do not necessarily perform well or offer to their market. If these are not quickly found and taken care of correctly, it can harm the company greatly, and haunt them in periods to come. Weakness of the swipe card is the cost. Creating these cards can be costly whether if it’s a swipe card or a
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Market Demographics
Demographics are groupings characterized by age, income, sex, education, occupation, and so on, that will make up a market niche. In the business world today, finding your market niche is extremely vital to truly find out a basis for your target market with your company. By doing this you will then be able to find just what grouping is best to do business with.

3.5 Product Positioning
The positioning of products is crucial in looking at the marketing strategy. Groupon is leading the market. Groupon offers deals for an array of products. Groupon excels in having the best value while still keeping the quality of the products and customer service.

Groupon wants to offer deals for different business in a specific area. This allows the user to try new restaurants, spas and activities that might have previously avoided simply because they were foreign.
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For businesses, Groupon is a great way to help move excess inventory. You will likely be ready to offer discounts so a Groupon deal could be a good fit. Groupon can be a good method to use if a business experiences severe seasonal fluctuations in sales. In this case an “off-season” promotion may either attract new customers or act as a reward to existing customers that support your business during peak times. Groupon promotion can be an effective and measurable way to build awareness, especially in new markets to help other

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