Strengths And Weaknesses Of Greene 's Jewelry Essay

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The following memorandum has been produced in order to articulate the strengths of Greene’s Jewelry’s legal claim, as well as the strengths of the company’s defense against charge. The aforementioned legal claim is in regards to the termination of former Junior Executive Secretary Jennifer Lawson, and her breach of confidentiality agreement. Jennifer was required to sign a confidentiality agreement when she was hired by the company. The confidentiality agreement stated she would never disclose any information that she might acquire from Greene’s regarding the process used to create Ever-Gold. Jennifer clearly violated the confidentiality agreement when she provided confidential information about the Ever-Gold process to Howell Jewelry World.
The legal defense previously mentioned concerned Jennifer Lawson’s countersuit against Greene’s Jewelry for wrongful termination. It is believed Jennifer will be filing on the grounds of pregnancy discrimination; however, Jennifer was legally terminated because of downsizing. The company no longer had need for any Junior Executive Secretaries, which lead to her position being eliminated.
Facts and Laws: Unlawful Termination
Jennifer Lawson’s countersuit against Greene’s Jewelry is in regards to wrongful termination, and it is anticipated she is filing on the grounds of pregnancy discrimination. In order for “a firing to meet the definition of wrongful termination, it must be illegal in the eyes of the law (What Is…

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