Strengths And Weaknesses Of Henry Ford Company

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As shown in the charts above Ford’s competitors rely on fewer markets to generate the highest percent of their revenues, making them more susceptible to political, economic, social and demographic changes in those markets.

Another major strength is the strength of their brand and their marketing. Henry Ford’s legacy lives on, it is the basis of many research studies and serves as a platform to teach and improve the understanding of how to manage successfully manufacturing and services industries. Ford is an iconic brand known around the world, which is used to its advantage.
Ford Company has much other strength that include, commitment to environment protection by developing low emissions technologies, repeatability of technologies, excellent engineering and production workforce possessing global competencies as well as capabilities of localization of products in respective countries. They also have excellent knowledge and analytics of the global markets that helped them to grow into a truly global company, capability to reach out to developing countries like Indonesia, India, etc. and adjust to their local demographic conditions (Blitterswijk & Karadzhov, 2009).
Ford Motor Weaknesses:
Not successful in withstanding against Japanese competition like Toyota Inability to establish sustainable
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Throughout the years they have lost market shares in the USA to Toyota, due to Japanese competitors are very aggressive in the western markets resulting in reduced (Blitterswijk & Karadzhov, 2009). Another threat to Ford Company is the high tech firms, such as Google and Apple who are now becoming part of the automotive market. These high tech companies are aggressively appealing to the current social trend and demand for more technologically advanced products, that may cause a decline in market shares for companies such as Ford. Another major threat to Ford and any other automotive company is oil price

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