Strengths And Weaknesses Of De-Institutionalized

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>>> De-institutionalized is the social and mental benefits for the patients. For the patients to have to live in a mental health hospitals a temporary situation. People who mental disability needs some kind of activities to stimulate their skills. Some mental hospital s do not have any kind of community support were they can get assistance regarding psychiatric issues. By us de institutlizing is giving opportunity for the patients to be able to cope in outside of the world. Letting them know that they don’t have to live in a psychiatric issues community, but be apart of the world. On PBS Jimmy Carter states”, “...the greatest degree of freedom, self- determination, autonomy, dignity, and integrity of the body, mind and spirit for the individual …show more content…
The purpose of the mental facilities is for patients to be monitored so they can’t hurt anyone else or themselves. Many of our homes are a safer place for them due to the fact that they don’t have the same rules as a facility does. They are able to go in and out as they will. People still fears that they have people with metal disability living among them to fight to have them gone.

Weakness #2
Another weakness is that we are still uncertain if we have ample resources to be able to shelter all the patients within the community or in centers and homes. These centers and group homes have a certain amount of capacity and hold a certain amount. So what should be done id that we need to build more places to accommodate these patients in centers and group homes. Therefore, require to hire more employees and providing additional funding from the government. If we don’t get the funding we won’t have a place to put the
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They will able to receive adequate training for jobs, and also training to manage their health better. The assistance that they get in the home they would be able to find employment eventually live on their own. The great thing that they still will have the opportunity to be able to go to the home and group centers for the support from workers and staff. At least by being able to cope with the outside world they are able to build up the self confidence. Instead of having patient that are not able to survive on the outside world. We would have produce model citizens that are able to manage the health.

Opportunity #2
>>> Another opportunity in regards to de istitulization is that we would be able to educate people in the community about people with mental health issues, If we have patients hidden in hospitals and we are making it much easier for people to pretend that it does not exist. With patients living out in the world it would give people more awareness. It will make others to come up front and say that they need help or know if someone that needs the help. By doing so it will other know that they are people like them and no different. This is why we need to make rules to help those that have this illness.


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