Strengths And Weaknesses Of Computers In The Classroom

In today’s digital world, several school systems are incorporating computers, laptops, and even personal laptops into the classroom. Digital learning is the combination of ordinary academic material and technology. The idea suggests that today’s youth are being raised in an advanced technological world; a “native” to the digital nation (Dretzin, Rushkoff, 2010). Therefore, in order to engage a student academically, an instructor must utilize technology as a learning tool. In some classes, personal computers are stationed at each desk for students to complete assignments or interact within the classroom by blogging or posting on a discussion board. Likewise, the computers allow students to follow along with classroom lectures rather than staring at a tedious overhead projector. Also, students may be equipped with a personal laptop to complete assignments at home. The technological teaching method is thought to …show more content…
The use of computers within the classroom allows a student to learn how to operate a computer in a work environment (Dretzin, Rushkoff, 2010). The use of software programs such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft word and PowerPoint, enhances a student’s computer skills that one might need for future reference. Since technology is on the rise, the idea empowers a student’s technological potential. Instead of waiting for a weekly trip to the computer lab, personal classroom computers aid a student in computer confidence. A weakness presented in personal computers in the classroom is distraction. One might experience digital temptations. In the film, “A Digital Nation,” students confessed to being bored in class and would direct one’s attention elsewhere such as games, internet searches, and even playing with the webcam. Although the students claim to be completing assignments, distractions might have caused one to miss important information. This weakness could affect a student’s performance in the

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