Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Writer And Interpreter Of Other 's Works

1281 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Over this semester, that is soon to come to a close, there have been many opportunities to watch growth not only within my writings, but also within the approach to the process as a whole. As I look back over my essays that I have compiled these past few months, I cannot help but notice how much I have grown as a writer and interpreter of other’s works. As this is true, there are also various different strengths and weaknesses involved. Both the strengths and weaknesses can range from various different things, but all together it never defers from the quality that can be produced in the end. It is truly interesting to go back and evaluate all the work from the past, and it can only provide insight for continued growth in the future. At the beginning of the course, I was unaware of what to expect from myself. When I saw that the course had a specific focus point on literature, I was a little bit scared. I was aware of the fact that truly analyzing and digging deep down into stories and finding all of the hidden messages and things of that nature was never really a strongpoint of mine. Of course I had done it before, but I never saw myself as a person that would name that one of my strengths. One thing I do really love seeing from the start in relation to the more recent work done in the class, is that I have been able to truly develop myself into a better analyzer of the stories. The course has provided me with enough practice that I truly believe I could sit down and read…

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