Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Team

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Team Analysis
Rodney Thomas
Western International University
Human Relations and Inter Communication
Mollie Surgine
December 25, 2017 Team Analysis This is a research paper based on the dynamics and functions of two working teams and the analysis of team behavior, commitment, communication and performance. This attempt is to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s leadership, team members, and how individuals are influenced by others in the groups placing dedication as a component in accomplishing team goals and projects. Team A is the first team in this paper and has a leader who does not display the ability to take charge of the team members and have failed to control them in team project meetings. Since there is no positive conduct members of this team are failing to meet project deadlines, late for meetings, and showing the lack of focus where their attention is needed for positive feedback. Members failed to weight out informational questions posted by the leader and have not expressed the ability to make decisions or solve problems.

In contrast team B is quite the opposite, there members are meeting project deadlines, listening too what the leader is addressing and developing initiatives to resolve conflict if it occurs. The members trust each other on their individual opinions, while answering questions asked by the leader of the team, this group of people is also supportive towards one another and there is no communication break

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