Team Analysis: Strength And Weaknesses

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Team Analysis
Rodney Thomas
Western International University
Human Relations and Inter Communication
Mollie Surgine
December 25, 2017 Team Analysis This is a research paper based on the dynamics and functions of two working teams and the analysis of team behavior, commitment, communication and performance. This attempt is to examine the strengths and weaknesses of each team’s leadership, team members, and how individuals are influenced by others in the groups placing dedication as a component in accomplishing team goals and projects. Team A is the first team in this paper and has a leader who does not display the ability to take charge of the team members and have failed to control them in team project meetings. Since
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Participating norms differ greatly across cultures, and while this is true communication patterns can make it situational for individuals to participate equally in the brainstorming sessions (Toegel &Barosoux 2017). Intercommunication is an important aspect of team behavior and performance. In addition, communication is a difficult topic that possesses many intercultural elements. (DeVito, 2014) suggest communication breakdown such as the problem with team A, cause major problems that will prevent teams with leaders from being effective in leading a team to a successful …show more content…
Member’s behavior does not model desired values of a diverse culture differences. Although communication is better “face to face” in many groups, the best signs with this team are the behavior of the members. In contrast the second team B appears to be very coherent, responsible and prompt to meet critical deadlines for their projects and agenda’s. The team shows no disconnection between members and leadership and continues to focus on what their leader is addressing to the team on current projects as well as upcoming projects. Unlike the first team the leader have her members full attention and shows control over her members not to express power but to influence good behavior. Also important this particular team shows trust and respect in which there are no conflicts in making decisions or sharing opinions of others. With every group and team there are strengths and weaknesses. One of many strengths of the character of team B is that member’s carefully listens to the leaders instructions and receives feedback from the leader. In contrast this is a weakness for team A in which the members of this team do not listen to their leader and refuses to participate or cooperate instead they’re relying on volunteers to do their work for them. Team B shows the ability to support the project and other team

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