Essay Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Stakeholder Management

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• I have demonstrated strengths and accomplishments in successfully developing effective customer relationships. Stakeholder management is critical to any large program. In my current organization, I facilitated the development of a Stakeholder Management Strategy to help shape and maximize our stakeholder leverage. It helped our staff understand where we needed build support, where were could simply maintain relationships, and where we needed to establish new networks. This strategy identifies and analyzes stakeholders to understand their power and influence which then facilities the bests approach to dealing with various key stakeholders. Although, this should be part of any large program, this technique was not being used. Additionally, in my recent senior executive leadership course with the military, I received a 74 on a scale of 75 with 15 respondents from both Intel Corporation and the Military with “extremely positive scores compared to those of other leaders” (Campbell Leadership Index). The assessment showed that I am forward looking, and influence others into a shared vision to create efficient and effective results. My influence style is Bridging and Inspiring where I focus on building trust and relationships, listening and understanding, and a shared vision that lays the ground work for joint problem solving. My Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode, which demonstrates typical behavior for conflict, is collaborating to find Win/Win solutions and compromising to find…

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