Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Business Model Essay

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Our company has many strengths that will allow us to create a niche market within this $122 billion dollar industry. First, our proprietary phone screening method, developed by our COO who holds a Doctorate in industrial and organizational phycology, has an 80% success rate for screening out applicants who are not a good motivational fit for a position while accurately predicting desired on-the-job behavior.
Second, our business model uses virtual employees from around the US to conduct phone screenings. These employees are subcontracted to receive calls based on our needs and their schedules. By having this virtual, on call, team of contracted employees Our company can quickly react to fluctuations in our that may occur as employer fill seasonal positions and/or have increased or decreased non-seasonal hiring needs.
Third, our CIO is an IT manager with the call routing service DialogTech, which specializes in contextual call routing. His knowledge of their systems along with his professional network of colleagues will allow us to use their call routing software to its full potential. Our combination of having a virtual employees throughout the US along with our use of a call routing service will allow fulfillment times of less than 24 hours after receiving candidate list.
Being new to the recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) industry will be challenging starting a business
Initially, our company are taking a cautiously optimistic approach…

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