Strengths And Strengths Of Upb Essays

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Strengths UPB is one of the best known organizations on campus, and it also has one of the largest budgets. When we spoke with Carrico, he mentioned that along with SGA, The Big Four, LateNite, RHA, and the Multicultural Center, UPB falls into the category of programs that gets funding from student activity fees. These fees go into events like Friday Night Filmworks, help pay for entertainers, and allow UPB to cosponsor events with other organizations on campus. Each person we interviewed mentioned one or two strengths of UPB, but the answer that was present in all of the interviews was that UPB feels like a family. This is a major strength because intrinsic motivation is key in a student run organization. The executive board does a good job with member recognition doing Kudos ever meeting and having a membership rewards program for participating. Furthermore, Leonard mentioned that the executive board is a major asset to the organization. She said they all get along well and feels that the terms of the executive board are advantageous and unique to UPB. All our interviewees talked about how they enjoy the opportunities that come with being a part of the organization. .
One struggle UPB faces is member fluctuation throughout the year. Members come and go throughout the year, and Scott mentioned that because they are always getting new members, there can be a tough learning curve when there is new leadership. Kylie made a great point when she mentioned that…

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