Strengths And Strengths Of The World 's Top Leaders And Managers

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Self-Assessment Results With results and knowledge I have gained from completing and analyzing the results from Strength Finder, I am now able to clearly identify my strengths and compare those strengths to some of the world’s top leaders and managers to see how they compare. Key strengths that have been identified for me are my abilities to compete, focus, strategize, achieve, and develop a plan with future results in mind. As I analyze my results, I like highlight key components for each one so I that I have a better understanding. The strength of being competitive allows me to focus on winning and being ahead of the competition. I believe this is extremely important in management because it forces to you have the desire to be better than other companies in this same industry. Strength of being able to focus is a very important strength. When a leader or manager has this skill, they are able to focus a goal either short term or long term. Many times mangers set short term goals that compliments longer term goals. The more focused that an employee or an employer are, that tends to rub off on people who are in the same environment which helps build a great amount of chemistry and consistency all driven from focus. The strength of being able to strategize also ties in the strength to focus. Strategizing allows a person to plan ahead for potential outcomes. For example, if plan A doesn’t work, the try plan B. Strategizing can also mean spending the time to figure out…

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