Strengths And Strengths Of My Future Job Essay

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Sometimes it can be difficult to decide yourself what your strengths are. However, I was able to take the Gallup Strength Finder test, and it really helped me with realizing my assets. Some strengths listed really did describe me well, while some others I had a hard time seeing. These skills can be used throughout many things in my life such as school, on the court, and even coaching. I plan to bring these characteristics into my future job, and I plan to continue developing my strengths. Taking this test has really helped me indicate my strengths, and how I will use them.
When I took the Gallup Strength Finder test, it recorded my top five strengths. My top five strengths were futuristic, relator, focus, empathy, and harmony. One of these strengths that I really see is my ability to be futuristic. I am constantly thinking into the future for almost every situation I am put in. I am inspired by the future, and what it could be. An example of how I am futuristic is I am always envisioning my future career. I am planning on being a teacher, and I am trying to build the strongest resume I possibly can. Having a strong resume is important for my future because it can make me stand out from others. I love to think about my future career, and how I will get there. Making goals is key for me. Whether it is be generating a weekly goal, a school year goal, and or even a goal that is years away; I always like to think ahead. Another strength that was on my top five was…

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