Essay on Strengths And Strengths Of Leadership

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There is a point as individuals we assume that we are in tune to our strengths weaknesses and core values. We develop these key competencies from experiences such as, culture, religion and life events. In the Strength Based Leadership, the StrengthFinder assessment provided the ability to gain insight into leadership behaviors that otherwise would not be considered in much detail. The results allow us to gain an interpretation based on how others may view our leadership capabilities.
The Strength Based Leadership listed thirty-four insightful strengths of leaders, after the assessment, my five strengths were concluded to be relator, responsibility, strategic ideation and achiever. Prior to completing the assessment one of the strengths, that I had always embraced as part of my leadership skills would be analytical. It has always been a point of reference when someone would describe my personality primarily in a professional setting. “Your stamina causes others to see you as a rock.”(Rath, T., & Conchie, B, 2008, p104). Ideally management and supervisors have always approached me to solve difficult issues even in instances that there has been a large workload because they know that I will do whatever is necessary to complete a quality.
My individualized StrengthFinder Assessment strengths as an analytical leader show I am able to understand and incorporate the cause and effect of situations and think about any mitigating factors. When making decisions weather personal or…

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