Strengths And Limitations Of A Social Worker With The Autism Team At The Tcds

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Through out the time spent in the course I learned important aspects of Social Work. Although the readings were challenging at times, but in class always doubts were cleared and I had an understanding as to what the author was talking about. The assignments allowed having a good understanding of a social issue and what a particular agency is doing in order to work with people currently challenged by the social issue. On the first paper we explored the social issue, on the second we dove in and interviewed a Social Worker and explore their work around the social issue. Finally, this paper, that also requires an interview, where we will explore the interviewee’s strengths and limitations as well as other aspect of their practice. In this paper we will also, explore and articulate our understanding of our own philosophy of practice.

Strengths And Limitations (Interviewee’s current practice)

For this paper unfortunately it was impossible to interview Elida Farelli, Social Worker with the Autism team at the TCDS, because she is not available until August 31, 2016. However, John Wilhelm Chief Social Worker at the TCDSB was available for an interview. After listening to John Wilhelm it is obvious that one of the strengths for the social workers in the autism team is the collaboration they have with other professionals, such as, teachers, child and youth workers, speech therapists and parents. John also mentioned the joint efforts between the Toronto Catholic School…

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