Strength training vs Bodybuilding Essay

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Running Head: WHY BODY BUILD


Studies have shown that there are benefits to strength training and bodybuilding. The health benefits to strength training overshadow the reasons to body build. While, both types of training involve weightlifting, there are quite a few variances in the way there workouts are completed. The way the muscle grows or appears to grow in these different styles of training are completely different. Why Body Build When You Can Strength Train
Fitness trends have begun to take over the world as people spend more and more time in the gym. They begin to see certain abilities that make no sense. There is a fellow who seems to be at the gym
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“Science tells us that comorbidities like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, and depression are significantly reduced through the effects of regular strength training” (Housle, 2011). A person might ask themselves what is strength training. Strength training is the use of weights as resistance to tear your muscles and rebuild them developing stronger functional muscle. There are some helpful uses for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding can be helpful in combating depression. The main purpose of body building is developing the musculature of the body through specific types of diet and physical exercise, such as weightlifting, especially for competitive exhibition.
Strength training workouts usually consist of compound exercises. Compound exercises are movements which incorporate more than one muscle group to accomplish the required weightlifting. Exercises such as the incline, decline, and flat bench press are a good examples, because they integrate the back, chest, arms, and shoulders when lifting. Before any productive strength training begins, a one repetition maximum for each exercise performed is determined. Strength training workouts are completed with heavy weights, about 80% to 90% of a person’s one repetition maximum. When heavy weight is used, the repetitions for each set are usually kept in the three to five range for about three to five sets. Using heavy weights takes a toll on the body. Strength trainers will wait about three to five

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