Strength Of The Ide Christopher Nolan Essay examples

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Albert Huang
Mr. Robbins
Period 5
Strength of the idea In the conversation defining the all-time greatest director in the movie industry, several names, may never be absent. Among those that legend isn’t a powerful enough word to describe their merits, one name has appeared like the transit of Venus. It’s never as magnificent as the darkness of an eclipse, but has attracted countless followers with its distinctive glamour. It’s always close by the orbit of our lives, but yet so far away that not even the greatest artist could capture all the mystery. He is not a legend, but he is special. He is not obscure, but he is profound. His name, much more than just a combination of letters, is a beam of light that so many are trying to pursue, and so much is to be anticipated. He is Christopher Nolan. Certainly, Christopher Nolan is the one of the most successful directors in the 21st century. According to Internet Movie Database, he started making films when he was seven years old with his father’s camera. His movies have earned over 4 billion dollars, which is more than the GDP of 50 countries. Not just the financial success, but the quality of his films can also bring him the certification. He has won 121 awards and 127 nominations from a variety of movie evaluation organizations. In the Top 250 movies of IMDB, Nolan has the second most in numbers of films and the most on the percentage of films on the list. His statistics are the most impressive, but his achievements…

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