Strength Of The Healthcare Client Interaction And Moral Character Within The Health Field Towards Vivian Bearing

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Strength Found in Susie In the inspirational movie Wit, there are many miscues in the healthcare-client interaction and moral character within the health field towards Vivian Bearing. Vivian, a doctorate of English literature, is suffering from stage four metastatic ovarian cancer. Throughout the film, Vivian experiences terrible bedside manner from physicians, ignorance of hospital staff, and feelings of being nothing more than scientific research. However Susie Monahan, the oncology nurse, demonstrates positive nursing ethics through compassionate care, moral integrity and respect for human dignity with patient centered advocacy. From the beginning of Vivian Bearing’s diagnosis with cancer, the health care team demonstrated poor sensitivity and regard for compassionate care. Compassionate care is one of the virtues of nursing as described in the book Foundations of Nursing Practice by Taylor, Lillis, and Lynn (2015). Susie exemplifies her compassion through offering comforting measures with empathy, inquiring about her life, and sharing her own experiences with Vivian. Susie gains her trust and treats Vivian as more than just a patient. During her bout of cancer, Susie remained a source of care that Vivian could rely on. These are positive portrayals of how many nurses should accommodate patients but sometimes are not the case. Compassion should be a foundational component instilled within all nurses to go the extra mile for patients.
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