Strength, Courage, Honor And Bravery Essay

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Strength, courage, honor and bravery are words used to describe a hero. An Anglo-Saxon hero is the definition of a hero. A hero from this era reflects the lifestyle of these people. The Anglo Saxons were Germanic tribes that conquered England. These tribes were warriors. They conquered land and other tribes to become the most powerful. The heroes live in tribes, are courageous, are strong, and are honorable. These traits formed the hero’s code. Beowulf is set in the Anglo-Saxon period. Beowulf has great courage. He fights these horrific monsters to help the greater good. Beowulf defeats these monsters single-handedly without help from his soldiers. Beowulf comes from a noble line. He is well-known has been successful in all of his battles. Beowulf exemplifies the Anglo-Saxon heroic code of courage, honor, and strength through his loyalty to Hrothgar and his people.
Hrothgar is cursed with Grendel rampaging the mead hall. Beowulf ventures across the sea to help Hrothgar. Beowulf defeats Grendel; however, Hrothgar acquires a new problem, Grendel’s Mother. Grendel’s Mother attacks the mead hall and kills one of Hrothgar’s soldiers. Hrothgar requests that Beowulf should stay and avenge the fallen soldier. Beowulf readies his men to find Grendel’s Mother and “promise[s] you [Hrothgar] this: he will find no protection - not in the belly of the earth nor the bottom of the sea, nor the mountain groves - let him go where he will!” (1392-1394).
Beowulf’s loyalty…

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