Strength And Weaknesses In Social Health

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Register to read the introduction… My strengths are I have many friends; I am very funny and friendly. My weaknesses are I am shy and quiet and not outgoing. When I am around my good friends I am outgoing and funny and friendly. But, when I am around people I don’t know so well I get really shy and quiet and try not to stand out because I am scared I will embarrass myself. I have grown a little bit in this area over the semester but I can definitely improve a lot in the future. There are many strengths and few weakness’s about my physical health. My strengths are I am in great shape, I am very athletic, I workout a lot and I play baseball. My only weakness is that I am underweight and skinny. I am insanely athletic and can play pretty much any sport I want to. I am always working out to keep my body in shape and healthy. The only problem I have is I have a very hard time gaining weight. I have grown in this area this semester because I have been playing baseball and I am in great shape right now and my body feels great. My future goals for my health are to become less shy and more outgoing. I need to become a better studier and manage my time better. I need to start eating better foods to help me gain some more weight and put on some more

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