Strength And Weaknessal Analysis Of Mother's Energy Drink

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Register to read the introduction… More and more care about their heather, so they will pay more money for their drinking. 5.2 Technology Energy drink is not like normal drink, it have many trace elements to replenish people which they loss. That need high technology to make it, the higher technology the better effect. Competitor analysis As a famous energy drink company, Mother is a drink company marketed to Australia and New Zealand by Coca-Cola. Mother has several considerable competitors. The competitors could be classified as direct and indirect competitor. The direct competitor is like the monster, red bull, rock star and amp. The indirect competitors are like some vitamin water, sports water and coffee, which are has the similar effect as energy drink.
For comparison, red bull is considered to be the most competitive energy drink. It is one of the most popular energy drink brand in the world and it is effective work. The other competitor is amp energy, which is belongs to Pepsi company. Strengths and weaknesses

The form below is the Strengths and Weaknesses analysis on Mother’s significant competitors. | Red Bull Energy drink | AMP Energy drink
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Therefore, Mother can be aimed to offer the promotional package, which sells two 500ml cans of Mother for Woolworths and Coles. The usage rate will be leading to moderate to high user depends on their consumptions. This is because sportsmen who are constantly working out, they would be consuming more of these energy drinks to give them the energy they need while exercising. On the other hand, students who are constantly up late at night, studying, or doing leisure activities that requires them to stay up, would also consume the energy drinks in order to feel perked even in the early hours. Mother will be consumed mostly in the day and night compared to the afternoons. This is because these are the two crucial times in which these energy drinkers would need the energy to do their activities at home, a friend’s place or at the club or bar |

Internal Analysis SWOT analysis is an analysis of company’s strength and weakness, also measures the opportunity within the market environment and investigates the threat that might affect their achievements.

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