Social Work And Resiliency Theory Analysis

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What are the strengths or resiliency perspective? How can it be used to empower individuals, groups, or communities?
The strength or resiliency perspective emphasis on positive mentality despite of any difficult situation presented in someone’s life. Individuals have the resources and the ability to recover from adversity (Kulis & Marsiglia, 2016). Strength and resilience can be used to empower individuals, families and communities. It is necessary to conduct a strength and risk assessment to identify not only deficits and risk issues, but recognize valuable resources they have available to respond during any difficult situations.
How can using a person in environment perspective in social work practice enhance the psychosocial functioning of individuals?
Social works enhance the psychosocial functioning of individuals by supporting and connecting them with the needed resources. As well as empower individuals to change difficult
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This theory addresses racial issues, such as black women being treated differently compared white women (Kulis & Marsiglia, 2016).
What is culturally grounded social work practice?
Cultural grounded approach to social work is the connection of three components: Honoring Narratives which is based on the collection of stories of client’s life. Integrating Narratives in Social and Political Contexts, it is related to a social assessment that includes strengths and risks. Developing Critical Consciousness and Liberation is based on creating awareness about oppression in various areas (social, political, and economical), and taking action against it (Kulis & Marsiglia, 2016). Social workers require the knowledge acquire through education and develop self-awareness to prevent cultural prejudice.
In what ways feminism defined the relationships between women across race, gender, class, and sexual

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