streetcar named desire and macbeth critical lens essay

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Rabiha Sabir November 14, 2013

Critical Lens Essay

There are many situations in life which are related to reality and they can be illusional because of your own perspective. a quote that supports this is “ Reality is that which, when you stop believing it, doesn’t go away”. This quote explains that reality is something that even if you don’t believe in it or if you don’t think its true it still doesn’t go away. You can’ deny the fact that that fact is true no matter what. You can make a situation unreal just because of the way you think or you don’t want to face the truth. This quote also explains that you can’t deny the harshness of the truth by consoling yourself. Some
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At first he kills king Duncan, then he kills Banquo and then he becomes the king in the end but his guilt fills him with fear. First example that relates to this quote is that in the beginning and in the middle of the story he believes the witches that he will be the king and the Thane of Cawdor when he does not know what the future has for him. He was living under this illusion and he kills many of his close friends so that no one is left to be the king. In the end, he does become a king but then he gets killed by one his close friends Macduff. Another Example of illusion is that when he sees the ghost of Banquo and gets scared because he thinks that Banquo came back for revenge. In fact, there was nothing, it was his guilt which was created this fear inside him which was making him get mad gradually. This shows that he was struggling with his own feelings and then he committed a mistake by killing King Duncan and Banquo. This illusion was making him mentally unstable. The author’s use of conflict in “Macbeth” connects to the quote “Reality is that which, when you stop believing it, doesn’t go away” by showing how Macbeth was living under the illusion of being a king forever but the n in the end the future had something else for him which was being killed by Macduff. This shows how his one illusion can’t change the reality of him killing other people just for the throne. He can’t change the fact that he has murdered

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