Street Eat Research Paper

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With roughly 23,000 residents, the 12 block deep and five block wide neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights is considered to be one of the most convenient commuting neighborhoods outside of Manhattan. This is due to the fact that the neighborhood is located directly across from the East River of lower Manhattan. It was one of the first neighborhoods outside of Manhattan to be developed and settled. Originally referred to as Brooklyn Village, Brooklyn Heights has been a prominent and relevant area of Brooklyn since 1834.
Brooklyn Heights possesses a wide demographic of residents. Due to the extremely close proximity of the Brooklyn bridge, numerous artists decide to live in the less hectic, yet still convenient neighborhood. With Wall
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Ultimately, our goal is to increase convenience. Often, business workers and parents or guardians are going throughout the entire duration of the day without breaks. Between their jobs, catching the subway, going home to their families, etc., it is often difficult to find time for a meal. For some, eating starts to get pushed aside on the list of priorities because there is no time left. Street-Eats offers a quick and simple way to make sure those on the go are able to eat and still make it to all of their obligations. Street-Eats will offer day to day food options as well as “day specific” menu items, for example: (Street) Taco Tuesdays and Wing Wednesdays. Street-Eats will provide a wide range of food with various options unlike the the other food trucks in Brooklyn Heights. Since we are an outside partnership, we plan to create our own identity different from anything already offered. For more information regarding our menu, our company has provided an attached menu example. The menu example does not include all “day-to-day” menu items. Our “day-to-day” menu will focus more on Street Snacks, Sandwiches, and

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