Strategy Framework Essay

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Aviation sector

* How does the aviation sector as a whole benefit the UK? * What is considered to be the aviation sector’s most important contributions to economic growth and social well-being? * How do you think the global aviation sector will evolve in the medium and long term? What do you expect to be the most significant changes? * How, and within what constraints, can aviation growth occur as technological developments and improved operating procedures reduce CO2, pollutant emissions and noise impacts? * Should some aspects of UK aviation be considered to be of strategic national interest (e.g. certain airports, air traffic control)? If so, based on what criteria? * How might the cost of regulation to
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* How best could resilience be improved with existing capacity at the UK's major airports to reduce delays? * Could existing airport capacity be more efficiently used by changing the slot allocation process? * What provision, if any, should be made for regional, general & business aviation access into congested airports? * What is the role of airspace design and air traffic management in making better use of existing capacity?

Climate change impacts

* What is considered the most significant impacts of aviation? How can these impacts best be addressed? * What role should aviation play relative to other sectors of the economy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the medium and long term? * How effective is the EU ETS will be in addressing the climate impacts of aviation? * What is the potential for increased use of sustainable biofuels in aviation and over what timeframe? What are the barriers to bringing this about? * Which aircraft technologies have the most potential to help reduce aviation’s CO2 emissions? * What more could be done to encourage the aviation industry to adopt new technology to reduce its climate change impacts? * What more can the UK aviation industry do to reduce the climate change & local environmental impact of ground operations and surface access to and from the airport? * What is the scope of influencing the

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