Strategy Choice And Rationale For Marketing Towards Men And Advertising

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Strategy Choice and Rationale
1. Market Penetration- Combine the strengths of customer service, price, variety, and quality and use this towards the opportunities for marketing towards men and advertising. Work them together and you can eliminate competition and increase marketing presence, as well as deflect the internet, the cost of labor, and Competition. More consumers will shop at DSW when they receive excellent service, have a large variety to choose from, and get a quality product at a low price. That customer will not shop at a competitor or turn to the internet to search for a lower price or larger variety. Higher sales will compensate for the increase in cost of labor. When men realize the variety and low prices compared to Foot Locker, they would be more willing to shop at DSW. Not only can they walk out of the store with a pair of sneaker, but they can also grab dress shoes, house shoes, and casual shoes. This will make DSW become the one stop shop for Men, Woman, and kids. They should also use customer service to make customers more knowledgeable regarding Shoe Lovers Care to promote a good image. More customers will shop at DSW if they knew more about the community work. I personally shop at multiple stores to buy shoes and none of the shoes stores I shop at express the involvement they have with the community. DSW is heavily involved in making the community a better place and reducing their foot print. They donate money, shoes, and time to the community and…

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