Strategy Analysis : Coach On The Marketing Strategy Reed Krakoff Introduced After The Great Recession

711 Words Nov 12th, 2015 3 Pages
Another possible method of execution might be to continue diversifying, or implement increased diversification, of product lines similar to the strategy Reed Krakoff introduced after the Great Recession. Krakoff noticed that a “focus on conducting intensive market research, launching more product lines, and redesigning stores to better fit the brand” was the key to redefining Coach’s image in the market (Gamble, 2015, Page 74). By continually modernizing stores in tandem with the changing fashions and continually offering product lines based on current market research, Coach will be better able to penetrate their growing middle-income market and access a larger share of pocket. It is imperative that Coach recognizes Krakoff’s design expertise and ability to direct designs within the scope of applicable market research as strength and means of providing more value for customers, and in that, a core competency. Through both of the aforementioned recommendations, Coach may not only be able to downplay weaknesses and highlight strengths, but they may create a disproportionate value offering for customer and, in turn, claim more of the market share.
In addition to a growing middle-class in America, Coach should recognize their potential globally. Emerging markets, especially in China, India, are expected to “provide a major boost to the luxury goods market due to rapidly increasing wealth levels and standard of living gains” (Gamble, 2015, Page 82). The luxury goods market is…

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