Strategies That Reduce Maladaptive Behaviors Common Of Children And Adolescents With Negative Mental Health And Learning Disabilities

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I want to learn more about strategies that reduce maladaptive behaviors common in children and adolescents with negative mental health and learning disabilities. Given the impact these challenges have on children and adolescents and the associated consequences, I would like to use clinical psychology as a foundation for research to address these issues. Educational and health care professionals need to be provided with skills to manage problems such as learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and mental disorders resulting in emotional turmoil, common in adolescents in the U.S., all of which negatively affect their ability to have successful outcomes in life. As a graduate student in clinical psychology, I would like to conduct research that examines and develops methods to manage problems associated with negative mental health and learning disabilities, particularly in adolescents. After researching the program at UC Berkeley, I identified Dr. Stephen Hinshaw and Dr. Qing Zhou, who conduct research in areas in which I have a strong interest. However, I feel that working with Dr. Hinshaw would best prepare me for my goals to become a clinical psychologist, to conduct research and to teach in a university where I can excite students and encourage them to address the wide array of issues associated with developmental psychopathology. I am especially interested in exploring interventions that can take place in educational environments, such as the LETS program I…

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