Strategies For Counseling Native American Indian People Essay

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In this worldview, the counselor invited the client to teach him how to take care of him. I liked that piece of the video. I found myself relaxing as I watch Dr. Parham work.
Innovating Approaches to Counseling Native-American Indian People Dr. Sue indicated that the hierarchy of the American Indian is fundamentally important, as the tribe is shown to be the connection that keeps the belonging and security of this nation of people. This tape was very informative as the previously viewed video of African people which shows strong cultural and family ties (Sue D.W, Sue, D. 2013) p. 381. I must say that I enjoyed the usage of the native people to show how we as Western trained therapists and counselors are to interact. However, traditional Indians may see this Westernize society as an intrusion upon their family values and beliefs. In the video this counselor led his session differently by letting his client know that they are from the same culture and different tribes. He thanked her and validated her strength in coming forth to seek help in wanting to change her family history. He acknowledged her tribe which was a sign of respect as some Indian women are the authority matriarch of the family. This helps the woman as he recognizes the importance of her traditional values and helps to understand that she has a treatment facility in the community abut assures her that she can have a place of safety there in another facility. He recognizes that she has deep family ties to…

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