Essay on Strategies And Tactics Of The World Wars

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Nick Norton
Mrs. Trahan
English 10 Period 1
8 November 2016
Strategies and Tactics of the World Wars While strategies such as the Manstein Plan included a tactic called Blitzkrieg and popular during World War Two, Trench Warfare and the Schlieffen Plan were important strategies in World War One. These strategies were a major importance to the early victories in their respective wars. Trench warfare created a stalemate which would cause the war to last four years. The most wide-known strategy in World War One was trench warfare. Trench warfare used systems of trenches to protect armies against attacks from opposite sides. This was most widely used in the Western Front. The system was first used by soldiers burrowing into the ground to save their own lives to get away from the hail of bullets and artillery shells. Between the trenches was a vast amount of barbed wires and bodies, this was also known as no man’s land. The effectiveness of trench warfare was reduced by the increase in capabilities in 1918 of an armored war machine which drove through the enemy’s trench lines and instilled fear in the soldiers. This machine would become known as the tank (Trench Warfare). A strategy, developed by Colonel John Fuller, named Plan 1919 was a strategy dangerously close to Blitzkrieg. The plan had three parts in order to give the enemy the full effect. The first was the “disorganizing force” which consisted of fast moving vehicles and planes. Secondly, heavy tanks,…

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