Strategic Resourcing : A Integrated Whole With Common Features And Issues Driving And Challenging It

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It was identified earlier that strategic resourcing should be seen as an integrated whole with common features and issues driving and challenging it. An integrated resourcing strategy would incorporate consideration of long-term resourcing objectives, from work design through recruitment, deployment, assessment and reward, whether that be the pursuit of quality, cost leadership, or innovation. recruitment and selection, appraisal and reward. The same themes of exchange, fairness, integration and line management implementation apply equally to all aspects of resourcing
The starting point of discussions of resourcing typically centres on identifying and filling gaps in the organisation. While recruitment and selection may be an option, it is not necessarily the only, or indeed the first choice available. Within an overall strategy, reconfiguring existing resources may be preferable, perhaps as a route to reinforcing the current organisational objectives or signalling changes to the employment relationship in line with changing objectives. For example, internal promotions may offer routes to accommodate emergent skill or knowledge gaps while reinforcing the bond between employer and valued employee. Alternatively, work redesign may be facilitated: introducing teamworking or cross-functional groups, enabling location-free working, and outsourcing or offshoring activities may all provide strategic advantage.
Recruitment needs to be located within the broad…

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