Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Strategic Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

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Total quality management (TQM) affects conducting business in the global marketplace. Companies must focus on improving processes they currently use to become more efficient. In the trucking business, Huffman Trucking competition is Federal Express (FedEx) and UPS. Huffman Trucking strives for quality service while exploring ways to reduce operating costs to increase profits. To achieve this goal Huffman Trucking must adhere to TQM for each aspect of the business. In order for the company to expand into other markets, standardized processes and procedures must be established to ensure quality.
Quality and Strategic Plans and Objectives
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When servicing a customer, the customer must be treated fairly and respected. Huffman Trucking will deliver quality service to their customers by responding to customer needs. Taking care of the customer needs will retain and grow their customer base. Huffman’s strategic plan for quality management and customer satisfaction is to listen, act, and improve the company, its products, and its services. Huffman Trucking will use tools to document the work process of the company to improve the business. An example of a work structure chart would be an organizational chart. Another tool that Huffman Trucking will be using is called the input-process-output diagram. To gain a better perspective on what the customer deems important. Huffman Trucking will also use surveys, conducted through customer feedback. Surveys will gather information from the customer’s comments on how to improve services and products the company offers. Huffman Trucking will also use benchmarking to improve the business. By using benchmarking, Huffman Trucking can be aware of how costs and performance factors compare with other trucking companies. Customer satisfaction is important to the future of Huffman Trucking. Customer satisfaction leads to profitability because a satisfied customer is more likely to spread the word to others. Word-of-mouth is an important source of information for buyers and has been shown to be a major purchasing influence. Huffman Trucking

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