Essay about Strategic Position Of The Company

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Company 's Strategy

This part of the study is a particularly concerned with the company 's strategy. Essence of the subject is conceptualised, and present the focus, concept and scope of the strategy. Also, here we discuss strategic position of the company as a new venture and review strategic direction of the company in the future. Study cover both, short-term and long-term strategic considerations.

Strategic Perspectives

In today 's complex and changing environment there is an increasing demand for fast and effective strategic response, especially in software industry, which is characterised with both, dynamism and complexity and which is faced with an increasingly competitive market. This impose an importance of a clear analysis of the strategic situation facing the new venture, and a rational assessment of the future options available to it.

The idea of strategy formulation is to construct a strategy which will match the company 's activities to the environment in such a way as to take advantage of opportunities that are provided, and overcome the threats that arise.

Development of strategy depend on the development of an understanding of the strategic position, choosing between possible options, and planning and executing the strategy. But where the process begins and what focus of attention is, is likely to change over time. Focus of attention also depend on how the strategy is viewed. Of course, there is a danger associated with differences in emphasis of…

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