Strategic Planning Essay

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Strategic Planning
{What is it? How do you do it?}



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3-4 Introduction
5 Section 1: The “What” of Strategic Planning
6 Why should departments and agencies plan strategically?
7-8 Section 2: The “How” of Strategic Planning
9-10 How do I gather data and where do I get it from?
11 Participant Selection
12 Survey/focus group question development
12-14 Core Values Development
15-17 Organizational “Purpose” Development
17-19 Organizational “Vision” Development
19-20 Organizational “Mission” Development
20-22 Organizational “Goals and Objectives” Development
22-25 What are Action Steps and how are they developed?
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Section two will address the “How” of strategic planning. This section will walk you through the steps in strategic planning and answer such questions as: • What are the strategic planning Steps? • Who should be involved in the planning process? • How detailed does the strategic plan have to be? • I’ve heard a strategic plan has something called a purpose statement, vision and mission. Is that true? How do I create them? • How will I know if our plan is successful?

Section three will provide a sample strategic plan for those organizations without a plan. The internet is an excellent source for examples of strategic plans and planning. Those state organizations with an existing strategic plan should continue working with their existing plan and need not make adjustments unless the plan is missing one or more of the basic strategic planning steps identified in this document.

Ok! Now that you know what to expect from this document, let’s get started.

Sometimes, the thought of putting together a strategic plan can leave you feeling anxious and confused.


As stated earlier, strategic planning will take time and effort. How much time and effort depends on the size and complexity of your organization. However, the process can be made easier with good planning and patience. The time and effort put into developing an effective

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